Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Welcome back to FALL of 2017!

We are "raring" to get started on Sept 11 and 12th (3rd-6th on Mondays- Pre-2nd on Tuesdays)

We have GOOD times ahead! First...please note that our concert for Dec. is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 2 at 3:00 at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center with rehearsals on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. (Times for rehearsals to be announced later)

Next...we still have  a FEW openings in our Tuesday classes! Bring a friend on our first day! I can PROMISE they will have a great time! It helps if we have a "heads up" but that isn't critical to coming! And...if your student has MORE than one friend they would like to bring... YAY!! Bring'em!

Our theme this year is "Happy People" Our banner reads "TaVaci People are Happy People" Something we always strive for in our classes!

Some of the music we will be singing:
Rollicking Frolicking Santa Claus
Santa's Stuck Up in the Chimney

(WOW...think we'll catch Santa's attention this year?)


Christmas Town (from the Broadway hit...ELF)
One King

Dinner Bell Carol... laugh your head off song
Hot Hot Chocolate...mmmmmmm

OH...I just can't tell you everything! 

Here's our postcard for the first day! You'll get this via e mail too, but here it is just in case you miss it! 

See you on Monday and Tuesday!!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

WELL!! It DOES appear that SPRING is on the horizon! YAY! Has this been a WINTER to remember, or WHAT? 

SO.. here's some information regarding our upcoming concert! It's Saturday, May 6th at the beautiful and magnificent Blackfoot Performing Arts Center! We will begin promptly at 3:00  (with the trophy presentation to be held at 2:45) so be sure to be in your seats in plenty of time! in all's FREEEEE to everyone!

We have a few props (mostly for the Monday classes, but the Tinys (Tuesday 3:30) also have a very small item. We are calling them our "peepers" I won't post a picture as we want them to be somewhat of a surprise to you! But...let me say this.... If you don't SMILE ...REALLY big when you see them on the kiddos...I'll eat my hat...OR maybe I'll eat THIS hat. It's the hat the Monday classes will be wearing.

Also...the older kids will be using ONE while glove and ONE green glove for the very entertaining number Favorite Son. A fabulous rhythm number that will make you...yes, I said MAKE you tap your toe!

AND...finally... they will also be shedding some "light" sometime in the evening and will be wearing THESE...

We are thrilled to share what we have learned this year! Please e mail me or text me if you have any questions! Thanks for your fabulous kids! We love them ALL!!


Monday, January 9, 2017

January! BRRRRR! Is is cold enough for you? NO? Anyone ready for Spring? 

We are READY to begin our Spring Semester for 2017! Our music is FULL of fun and learning. We ALWAYS use at least one number involving rhythm and this year we promise it will be packed with THAT!

Favorite Son ( a real toe-tapper and hand clapper and finger snapper!) 

SING it to the World-made popular by the famous Penatonix- sure to be an audience pleaser!

It's Gonna Be OKAY! An Original by the Piano Guys! You'll simply LOVE it!

Wizard of Oz Hits!

Dance Your Socks Off Medley

Jeepers Creepers

One Little Cookie

AND there's more!

Spring Concert Date
May, 6
3:00 p.m.
Blackfoot Performing Arts Center
870 S. Fisher
Blackfoot, ID

We will hold rehearsals at the BPAC (as usual) with ONE major exception! Our DRESS rehearsal will be held on WEDNESDAY, May 3rd--NO REHEARSAL on Thursday, May 4th (may the 4th be with you..... 😂) and we WILL hold our pajama rehearsal on Friday, May 5th. Times will be announced later!

BRING a friend! January is "bring a friend month" You may bring a friend ONCE for FREE! You can bring 8 friends if you'd like 😏--AND if any of them decide to join us, YOUR account will be credited EVERY month through May $5.00 PER let's do the math...if your 8 friends join, uh.....I owe YOU $5 a month!  Hmmmm...perhaps I should re think this! 

And for FUN-here are some of our Ugly Sweaters from Ugly Sweater Day last December.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Here are some samples of some UGLY Christmas Sweaters! Our Monday classes will be wearing an UGLY Christmas Sweater for our upcoming concert on Dec 10th. Come and join the fun! 3:00 at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center. FREE to the public!


Dear TaVaci Parents-                                                                        October 15, 2016

Here it is! The letter you have all been waiting for!  Read ON, as I am certain there is tons of drama AND comedy. But don’t worry, if you are into mystery novels, I always have plenty of THAT! However, I’m not searching for “reviews” to THIS novel! I’m afraid even IF the reviews were bad, there will still write MORE novels in the future! J

Practice CDS
Each student will receive a Practice CD. We hope your child will listen and sing and listen and sing and listen and SING! The 3rd-6th grade classes (Monday classes) will receive their CD’s along with an “incentive” practice chart. Please encourage them to listen and sing and listen and sing…OK ….you get the idea!

(Tax included)
3-6 Grade (Monday Classes)                                    Pre-2nd Grade (Tuesday Classes)
             Red OR Green mini flashlight $3.00                        NO PROPS this Christmas!!
          White mini flashlights (all kids 3rd-6th) $3.00

         Total……….. $6.36                                                Total….. $ 0!!!

Used Costumes??
Do YOU have a costume that you would like to add to the “pool” of used items for our upcoming used costume drawing? If so…contact me via e mail/ text/ phone/ whatever means you can as SOON as you can! We need to organize, get all names, sizing, etc. documented BEFORE we can make these available!    

Used Costumes Drawing—The drawing for used costumes will be held on Friday (Oct 28th  ) and emails will be sent by TUESDAY- November 1st  !  If you turned a used costume IN for re-sale, the hope is to disperse funds by next week’s classes. Thanks to all of you who turned in your used costumes. This helps MANY!

** You will be notified by e mail as the WINNER of a used costume. Check your e mail Tuesday afternoon (Nov 1st) for the subject line of   Tavaci WINNER. This will mean you are a lucky winner of a used costume—sadly…it’s not FREE---but almost! J It does mean you still get to “pay” . It’s kinda like Ebay! All names will be in the drawing UNLESS you are “dying” to purchase a NEW costume! J

Costumes – All costumes (new or used will be added to your statement which you will receive next week from your child. Your statement will reflect a U skorts, U Red Sparkly. If it does NOT have a “U” before the costume, it will simply say “Skorts, Black Shirt. The prices will be listed at the end of each column. New costume pricing are the following: (tax included)

(Keep reading!!)

3rd-6th girls (Monday Classes)                                                          Pre-2nd Girls (Tuesday-Classes)
Skorts  ……..  $28.50                                                     Red Dress   …….$66.80
Red Sparkly Shirt     $28.50                                        Flower Hair Clip (optional) $5.00
*Modbe ……….      $12.00

*Modbe (black undershirt) I make it a practice to ADD a modbe shirt (a black undershirt) to the NEW girls totals. This item is required, but you do NOT need to purchase it from us! If you have one, or access to one, please e mail me and I will deduct it from your total!

All Boys NEW NEW NEW-- PURPLE Dress Shirt ---$23.50 
          NEW NEW NEW               Gold Tie……………..$9.50
                                                  Total (including tax)……$33.00
Black Dress pant……… (You purchase)
Black shoes……..(You purchase)

Saturday, Dec 3rd  ALL CLASSES-
               We have been invited to perform at the Bannock County Historical Museum Holiday Open House on Saturday, Dec. 3rd ! We would love to represent our city at this historical place! If you haven’t been there, be sure to come and sing (our performance time will be 20-30 minutes.) Then…be sure to visit the museum!  
Last year, they provided “YUMMY” goodies for everyone! They LOVED us so much, they have invited us back! Please make every effort to attend this performance!
Address: 3000 Avenue of the Chiefs-Pocatello—(Up by the Animal Shelter)
TIME: 11:00 a.m. Please BE there NO later than 10:40! Full costume!

YAY!! Free ride to rehearsals!! As provided last year, transportation will be provided for students for rehearsals on  Thursday- Dec. 8th   and Friday Dec. 9th     On Thursday, Dec. 8th   we will have large vans that will transport the students to and from Blackfoot. ( you may bring a car seat if desired!) On Friday, Dec. 9th   all students will ride a bus to and from Blackfoot. This has been FUN for the kids, and a LOVELY time saver for parents!

·        If your child will NOT be riding the bus OR Van: (Either day!!)  I MUST know about this before WEDNESDAY, Dec. 7th   .  Please e mail me at or text me  208-380-2333. Otherwise, we will plan on your child riding the van/bus. (Blackfoot kids excluded of course!) For your comfort (J) we are providing our wonderful teachers, assistants, backstage helpers AND some very wonderful MOM’S that will be riding the bus! Thanks to those of you who have offered to assist us!

Transportation Schedule
Thursday, Dec. 8th   (Dress Rehearsal --FULL COSTUME)
                                                          Pre-2nd Transportation
Drop OFF your TUESDAY children……….………. BE at least 15 minutes early
                             We WILL DEPART at the times posted!!
(Tuesday CLASSES!)   NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot
                                   (corner of Bonneville and 19th  St)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Time          Date   
                                             3:45      12/8 (Thursday)                                                      

PICK UP your TUESDAY children………..…… BE at least 15 minutes early!
(Tuesday CLASSES!)   NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot
(corner of Bonneville and 18th  St) 
                   Time          Date   
                                                          6:15        12/8 (Thursday)

Thursday, Dec. 8th      (FULL COSTUME )
3rd-6th   Vans
Drop OFF your MONDAY children…….………  BE at least 15 minutes early!
                                              We WILL DEPART at the times posted!!
 (Monday Classes)   NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot
                                      (corner of Bonneville and 18th  St)                                                                                         Time        Date 
                   5:00      12/8(Thursday)  
PICK UP  your MONDAY children…………..…… BE at least 15 minutes early!
 (Monday Classes NORTH end section of Mini-dome parking lot
                                                (corner of Bonneville and 19th  St)  
                                                            Time        Date
                                                           7:30     12/8 (Thursday)  
Monday Kids NOTE: Please allow an additional 15 minutes LEIGHWAY on Thursday night. We are HOPING we will not need it, but we have some major staging to do and ‘just in case’ we are out of time, the additional 15 minutes will be WONDERFUL if needed!
As in the past, our DRESS REHEARSAL and PAJAMA REHEARSALS are mandatory and CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.
All rehearsals and the concert will be held at BPAC (short for Blackfoot Performing Arts Center) 

  *The following is for your information only! You do NOT need to document it!****

Pre- 2nd …………………………………….…….……. 4:15-5:20 (full costume)

3rd-6th ………………………………………………….. 5:30 – 7:00 (full costume)
          Van leaves Blackfoot at 7:00 –Below Specialty STAYS—transportation provided!
*Specialty Rehearsal (It’s All About That List-5th & 6th grade GIRLS)  7:00-7:30

                               Friday, Dec 9th   (PAJAMA REHEARSAL)
ALL CLASSES Drop OFF— Mini Dome Parking Lot (Bonneville- 18th)
                             3:45 p.m. (Friday-12/9/16)
ALL CLASSES PICK UP— Mini Dome Parking Lot (Bonneville- 18th)—                               7:00 p.m. (Friday-12/9/16)
Christmas Concert     
(sorry—no bus )
Saturday, Dec. 10th   3:00
Blackfoot Performing Arts Center—be there by 2:30!
Concert is FREEEEEEE to all! Be there on time!

Address: 870 S. Fisher Blackfoot, ID
Please NOTE!! No costumes or props will be distributed unless accounts are current! All accounts must be current BEFORE November 25th  .  

·        For your convenience, you may pay online at:

·        Following the concert on Dec 10th, we will adjourn classes until January 9th
·        Classes begin : Jan. 9th and Jan 10th  2017  .

Spring Concert –Our Spring concert is TENTATIVLEY scheduled for Saturday May 6th.  (3: p.m) Rehearsal schedules will be similar to December’s schedule…except…it won’t be COLD! J

·        REMINDER: Videotaping at concert is prohibited.  We do have DVD’s available to purchase of the concert. $25.00—mailing included. They will be mailed to you BEFORE Christmas so your family can enjoy it during the holidays.

The costume ITEMS list is below. Please go over the list that applies to your child to assure that you have everything you will need for Thursday’s Dress Rehearsal  and the concert! Don’t wait until the last minute!
Costume Item List

Girls  (3rd – 6th Grade)
Items from TaVaci:
·        Red-sparkle shirt
·        Black Skort
Items you find:
·        Black Tights (not nylons or leggins!)
·        Black dress shoes
·        Black undershirt—Modbe- **you can purchase from me if needed!! 
Girls  (Pre-2nd Grade)
Items from TaVaci:
·        Red Dress
Items you find:
·        BLACK tights (not nylons OR leggings)
·        Black dress shoes
 All Boys
(Pre-6th Grade)
Items from TaVaci:
·        NEW PURPLE long sleeved shirt
·        NEW GOLD Tie
Items you find:
·        Black dress pants (no corduroy)
·        Black socks
·        Black/dark dress shoes

Thanks for reading the NOVEL of TaVaci!! Please feel free to e mail with ANY questions!


Thursday, July 14, 2016

I KNOW...I can't believe the summer is almost HALF over! We are getting things ready for our fall registration! Come one...come all! 

You can register RIGHT here--see the RED circle below? Well...refer to the actual page so you know where to go! It's that easy! You can register up to 4 members of your family! Check out the family pricing too!

We will begin classes on Sept 12th and 13th 
(week after labor day)

For a quick preview of what's to come:

A GREAT theme for the year "Sing it For the Whole World"

Some of our Christmas Numbers include:

Ugly Christmas Sweater  

Pine Cones and Holly Berries (light number! ALWAYS and audience pleaser!)

Joyful Night!

Christmas Cartoons

Mrs. Claus

Silent Monks---if you have NEVER seen are in for a treat!

There's MORE! But here's a clip of our Funny Food Medley from last May. What a BLAST!

If you have any questions about TaVaci--over 30 years here in Pocatello! Please e mail me at: 

OR call me at 208-380-2333  (Cindy)